Farm Tires in Oceana County

farm tirerimguardCARLISLEWe can get farm tires for front and rears of various sizes and brands.  We carry a variety of tubes for farm tire use as well.

We load farm tractor tires using Rim Guard for ballast.

Tires can be done on site at our service center or on site as a Service Call, mounted and loaded!

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rimguardrimguardmoreUntil recently, the only tire ballast products available have been expensive foams (which are more sealant than ballast), steel weights and corrosive liquids (like calcium or magnesium chloride). Foams usually cost more than the tire itself and ride hard over rough surfaces because the tire is solid. Steel wheel weights are very expensive and difficult to mount. And chlorides, while usually inexpensive, are extremely damaging to wheel rims causing corrosion and rust, equipment and the environment.

Rim Guard® is perfect for use with:

  • farm tractors (both modern and antique),

  • small tractors with front-end loaders,rimguard

  • commercial back hoes, bobcats and all-terrain forklifts,

  • road graders, and

  • all types of lawn & garden tractors

Rim Guard is completely biodegradable as well as non-corrosive.

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